Gregory Hull Journey Home to the Authentic Self by Amy Abrams





Nationally renowned and regarded a Renaissance man, Gregory Hull is among today’s premier contemporary realists, achieving success across multiple genres: portraits, still life, and landscape. Harnessing classical training descended from European academies, Hull mastered each new artistic quest with his own potent and emotive style. While his eclecticism defied definition by art critics, curators, and gallerists — who tend to pigeon-hole artists — it never hindered his success. Hull was simply too huge a talent. Sell-out solo shows at America’s most prominent galleries, from New York City to California, as well as prestigious awards and celebrity commissions, furthered his fame. For forty years, Hull has lived by his brush, his skill and courage aiding his creative potential and authentic self. His journey offers a roadmap for those aiming to follow their heart and lead a fulfilling life. Overcoming obstacles of all kinds, his path provides signposts for your own triumphs. Here are tips and tools for the road to realize your dreams. Take hold — this is a Gregory Hull’s treasure map….

162 Pages
Written by
Amy Abrams