Casey Cheuvront

Casey Cheuvront studied drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics at CSUF California, and has been influenced (and instructed) by current artists like Bill Cramer, Dave Santillanes, Alan Wolton, Matt Smith, Stanley Kurth, Casey Klahn, and Camille Przewodek.

Her work is informed by her ongoing plein air habit and life-long appreciation of the natural world, established through a “feet-on-the trail” connection over many years. Her outdoor education began when she was very young, while accompanying her father on long treks, fishing, hiking, bow-hunting, archery exhibitions and professional competitive archery shoots.  Later, she backpacked her way across the Sierras and the Uintas, flew California peaks in her hang glider, skied Utah powder, and mountain biked many happy trails in the Arizona desert.

Cheuvront’s pieces reveal an ongoing fascination with the Western and Southwestern wilderness, whether reflected in a local trail or a remote lake only reachable by a long backpack. Her enthusiasm is translated into a vibrant, modern palette and energetic, dynamic brushwork. Look for studio and plein air works showcasing the Yosemite highlands, Sonoran desert, and the red rocks of Sedona.