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The inspiration to produce art comes from many different places. The architectural genius of the early Southwestern Native Americans who lacked cutting tools, fasteners and scaffolding inspires this art. Striving to produce dimensional replicas of some of the unique architecture of the Southwest the artist uses techniques and materials individually developed over time, trial and through patience. The work is a combination of woodworking, sculpture, color, texture and realism.

Current work focus on the structures originally built by Native Americans of the Southwestern United States. The art attempts to create artistic representations of the dwellings found at many of the ruin sites in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. The artist uses found wood, gourds or fabricated cliffs and caves to represent the terrain while fashioning the dwellings from a man- made stone. Focusing on the time period when the ruins where first discovered by early settlers and cowmen the ruins are often presented in disrepair caused by neglect and weather since their abandonment over 800 years ago; with crumbling walls, collapsed ceilings and the occasional remaining pot(s) and basket(s).


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