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Williams’ latest sculptures have an artistic style where he seeks to depict emotions and responses that his pieces arouse within a person rather than objective reality. This is accomplished through vivid use of glazes and dynamic application of copper, leather and cane. The combination of these embodies his spontaneous self-expression of what he creates.

Instead of relying only on the basic methods of carving and molding, Williams takes advantage of the complete freedom of using materials with which he is skilled in order to achieve maximum impact on each piece thus sacrificing representation of accuracy while allowing his inner passion to be expressed.

Art critics most often describe his creative journey as “out of the box” and ahead of the wake. Frequently you will observe art objects by other artists that have some similarities to his pieces a year or two later. How does he do that? As he explains, it is not something planned, but rather allowing the natural drive within him to give his pieces the freedom to become what they are meant to be. He readily admits it’s not him but truly a gift from God because Williams himself does not feel he is the creator.

There’s a story behind each creation and you would not want to miss the opportunity to meet this artist and be enthralled with his imagination and vision when he describes what he was experiencing as he sculpted the clay and before you know it, you too are sharing the enthusiasm and passion right alongside of him.

His newest line this Fall 2018 is more distinctive than ever exhibiting extraordinary perspective inspiring you to reveal the emotions these pieces elicit. . He has a rare talent with phenomenal vision. In his latest line of pieces, he uses the female torso as a pallet on which to depict strength, purity and complexity.

This artist has sold throughout the United States and Canada as well as overseas in the United Kingdom. As an artist, Karl believes art is a great gift and he uses it to translate his visions and what he feels into creations he can share with others. He is frequently commissioned to create unique art work for individual customers.

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