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Bruce Gomez has been working in pastel full-time for the last twenty-nine years and has been teaching workshops for the past fifteen. His artistic influences range from Paleolithic art up to Alfred Sisley, Maxfield Parrish, Juan Gris, and Gustav Klimt. Bruce considers himself fortunate to travel to and paint in such wonderful places as Telluride, Paris, Rome, and Moab.

“I go out and look to capture that one unique and spectacular moment of life, whether in the mountains, in an urban setting, I might be slogging through a deluge, snowshoeing in -10°F, or painting plein air in 101°F. In spite of all those obstacles, I get to distill it all down to that essential instance of striking allure and there you have it. I pride myself in painting something that anyone can see themselves if they hang around: no exaggerations, no symbolism, and no implied metaphor.”