Physics of Watercolor by Mary Helsaple

Mary Helsaple
Mary Helsaple
I was raised on the west coast, lived and worked in Colorado for 35 years and now live full time in Sedona, AZ. I have also been involved in the regional arts in Arizona these last 15 years. I participate in exhibitions at Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Visual Artists Coalition Open Studio events, Artlink shows in Phoenix, AZ, and many national juried exhibitions around the country.  I am an environment-focused artist, whose objective is to create a visual that connects people with wild nature. I am also an avid birdwatcher and made nature documentaries for television. My detailed watercolors are large works on paper, done in the ‘narrative style’ that often touches on important social and environment concerns.




Physics of Watercolor illustrates the physical properties of how and why watercolors work, and shows examples of techniques used to create intricate, detailed images on paper. The compact book contains important information on brushes, pigment and watercolor paper. It describes how to control watercolor pigment, washes and how to layer colors while retaining the luminosity of the watercolor paper. Each technique is described and illustrated in detail with progressive step by step instructions. Practicing and learning the techniques in this book will help you understand and become proficient at watercolor painting.

59 Pages
Written by Mary Helsaple