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Fiber Artist

Mary Flaisig is a fiber artist who has lived and worked in Sedona Arizona since 1995. She earned her BA from San Diego State University. Before moving to Sedona she had been a practicing fiber artist in Southern California working in tapestry and basketry. Since moving to Sedona her primary focus has been the exploration of woven sculptural forms. The sculptures are on branches which Mary usually finds in the Sedona area.

Flaisig weaves on a structure of rattan that she builds on branches which are often Manzanita wood. For the weft in her weaving Flaisig uses yarns in wool, mohair, silk, rayon, and other unique fibers.

Flaisig has been selected for numerous juried shows. She has been a featured as artist in the Sedona Arts Center Gallery many times. She has completed numerous custom pieces. Her work is collected locally and nationally.

Artist Statement

I use the play of light on the varied surfaces, colors and textures of a fiber piece to create beauty. The years I wove intricate tapestries sharpened my color sense. Now I find the movement in sculp- ture more personally satisfying than weaving flat tapestry. The challenge of the fiber artist is to cre- ate a piece which can only be successfully interpreted in fiber. Using the contrast of traditional wool and contemporary man made fibers adds excitement to my woven work.


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