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Lynn Haygood Lee works in contemporary compositions that explore perception and experience. “I am interested in immersing directly into a work, not simply using visual perception, and experiencing in that moment of looking and questioning what I think I know. I use space, shape, texture, color and light to create questions and responses. The result is a confluence of creative mind and energies and trust in the process. Painting and creating are more than an exercise in developing an idea and composing it in a medium. As I work, they are an intimate connection and participation with the source of all creativity, the same source that connects each of us to one another and to all of life. My current works evolve with an intuitive abstraction for the ancient Sedona landscape.”

Lee has lived in many beautiful communities in the United States and currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she has focused exclusively on art history and craft. Her techniques have evolved from daily practice in the studio. She has done several series in nonobjective post-modern works, abstract figurative, mixed media with Sedona red earth, and currently, the landscape. Her largest work is a ten-foot canvas composed during the Covid shutdown, an interpretation after Gericault’s “The Raft of the Medusa”. Her works have shown in national juried exhibitions in California and Arizona and are in private collections.


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