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Lynn Haygood Lee works in contemporary compositions that explore perception and experience. “I am interested in immersing directly into a work, not simply using visual perception, and experiencing in that moment of looking and questioning what I think I know. I work in several series that explore how I see and experience the physical and non-physical worlds: landscapes and natural forms, objects and non-objects, and languages and symbols that we use to communicate consciously and subconsciously.”

Lee currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she paints daily in her studio overlooking juniper, pinon, vibrant red rocks and western skies to the horizon. She has created numerous series in non-representational themes, abstract figurative, mixed media abstraction with Sedona red earth, and the abstracted landscape. “I am inspired by change. Through family and life, I have been a nomad throughout the U.S. and this reflects in my work as I explore and question what art and painting can be.”

Works show regularly in national and international juried exhibitions and are in privatev collections throughout the U.S. Works are currently showing in the Fine Art Gallery at Sedonav Arts Center.