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My life as an artist began at a very early age. Like most of us, I loved to draw and paint, especially horses. In college I minored in art while obtaining my teaching certificate. After teaching for fifteen years, I retired and entered the art world full time, joining art groups, taking workshops and entering shows and plein air events. I’ve been pleased with my success in these areas, earning many awards and accolades, but most rewarding has been to see my gradual improvement over the years.

My primary focus in art has been watercolors, although I do experiment with acrylics and pastels. Growing up in northern Arizona has given me a deep connection to the landscapes and the beautiful lighting effects that are produced by our amazing sunlight. I love the contrast of shadows and light. I am constantly searching for interesting shapes, colors and values.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have made numerous trips into the Grand Canyon with my husband who worked for the US Geological Survey. The two of us are avid hikers and have trekked many miles through the canyons of Arizona and Utah, and the mountains of Colorado. I’ve participated in plein air events in Sedona, Moab, Telluride, Midway, and Escalante, getting wonderful views of some very remote country. Every time I put brush to paper, it is an exciting journey.