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Ken began his career as a ceramic artist in the early 80’s while working as an apprentice in the Sedona studio of Will Jacobson.
Lyn spent many years managing Gifted Hands, a gallery of fine craft in Tlaquepaque which represented the work of artists from all over the country. Inspired by the beauty around her, she began her own artistic journey.

In 2006, we established a ceramic studio in our home in Cottonwood, where we work in a process called “naked raku”.    In naked raku, the glaze is designed to separate from the clay body after a second firing, revealing the smokey beauty of the bare clay.

Ken does most of the wheel throwing, while Lyn creates the surface designs, inspired by the Arizona landscape we both love.
After the firing process is finished, Lyn paints each unique vessel.  She draws in smoke. Her “canvas” is the ceramic surface.

We make music and pottery. Music is ephemeral, and lives in the memories of the audience. Clay pots, however, are some of the oldest articles of civilization. We find a sense of balance in combining the two arts.