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Live and work in the Shangri-La of the Southwest!

The Sedona Arts Center seeks an Executive Director. Sedona is an intimate town of 10,000+ and a tourist destination for 4 million+ annual visitors well known for its stunning landscape and ‘art colony’ reputation. The Sedona Arts Center is a 62 year old non-profit organization with gross revenue of 1.2 million operating with a stable profit margin achieved by staff of 5 full-time and 2 part time personnel, and a Board of 10 community leaders.

The successful candidate will be an interdisciplinary, creative problem solver who oversees a wide range of programming and works well with an experienced staff.  Candidates should have good business acumen and an understanding of the non-profit model with the skill to work effectively with a diversity of artists, instructors, patrons and donors.

The ED is responsible for maintaining the financial health and operational management of the entire center. The ED takes direct responsibility for evolving and implementing an ongoing, profitable workshop program, maintaining vital relationships with nationally known artists who instruct creative hands-on workshops at the Center and online. Overall operations include both an online and physical fine art gallery, special events, classes for local residents, and workshops produced for a national audience.

The ED also works with the Board of Directors and the Fund Development Director to achieve budgeted fundraising each year. Candidates should have a successful history of cultivation of donors and patrons and the ability to prioritize goals established by the Board to fulfill the Arts Center’s educational mission. Five years arts administrative experience and MFA or similar degree preferred. Internet, social media and computer skills are essential. Competitive salary and incentives. Applications accepted until position is filled.

The Executive Director is currently supported by four full time positions: a Business Manager (accountant and HR), Marketing Director, Fund Development Director and Gallery Manager. A Coordinator of School and Events is nearly full-time and a Facilities Manager is nearly half time.

The below job description represents a prioritized list. It is fundamentally aligned with the Goals and Policies that the board generates in its function to provide the broad oversight and guidance of the organization to the fulfillment of its mission.  It is understood that the board is a constant advisor to the ED providing oversight, making suggestions, providing contacts, and using their resources to facilitate the ED in the execution of the goals of the organization to the best of their abilities especially in the area of fulfilling the budgeted fundraising in each fiscal year. 

  1. The ED is responsible for achieving, maintaining, and improving financial health for the organization.
  • Prepares an annual budget that is realistic and balanced.
  • Plans for adequate cash flow to cover operational needs.
  • Works strategically with the board and staff to meet fundraising goals.
  • Cultivates relationships with individual donors.
  • Works with the Fund Development Director to identify and execute grants and final reports to city and state government as well private and public foundations.
  1. The ED is responsible for producing quality fine art programming including exhibitions, educational programming and special events that fulfill the mission of the organization and the goals and policies as established by the board.
  • The ED is directly responsible for evolving and implementing the ongoing, profitable workshop program.
  • Develops, plans and organizes with the staff all the Special Events of the organization.
  • Develops with staff and faculty the curriculum offerings of the classes for locals and ensures continual student feedback through evaluations.
  • Works with Gallery Manager to cultivate and curate artworks and artists, managing inventory to optimize in-store and online sales.
  • Works with staff to grow online programming.
  • Manages new initiatives and opportunities with a responsible sense of risk management.
  1. The ED works with the HR position to accomplish the strategic staffing of the organization to fulfill the mission and Ends Policies established by the board while maintaining financial solvency and health.
  • Hires supervises and evaluates the Sedona Arts Center staff.
  • Ensures that volunteers are recruited, trained and supervised.
  • Evaluates staff compensation annually and staff development on an ongoing basis.
  1. The ED works with the Marketing Director to achieve the effective marketing and Community Relations for the Arts Center.
  • Identifies opportunities for marketing and increasing community awareness and appreciation of the arts and Arts Center through a variety of media and networks.
  • Ensures that all published materials PSA’s, press releases and advertisements represent the Arts Center well.
  • Produces print catalogs of arts center workshops, classes and events.
  • Cultivates strategic relationships with other community organizations and local artists.
  1. The ED works with staff to provide the maintenance and protection of the facilities and equipment toward the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Oversees facility safety and use, including rental exhibition space and other rentals.
  • Oversees improvements to the campus and office infrastructure.
  1. The ED will prepare and present to the board for approval an annual Operational Plan for achieving each of the above responsibilities and goals. The ED will report progress on the Operational Plan to the board at each scheduled board meeting.

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