Spirit of the Earth by Susan Hubble Pitcairn

Susan Pitcairn
Susan Pitcairn
Susan Hubble Pitcairn fuses inspiring poems with her vibrant landscapes in oils, acrylics and pastels. Her poetic images hold symbolic meaning, revealing both the particular and the universal, A cloud-shrouded mountain may express endurance and strength in the face of adversity. The vast divides of the Grand Canyon may humble us.




With refreshing originality and insight, award-winning Southwest artist Susan Pitcairn’s inspiring synthesis of paintings and poetry reveal a deeply spiritual vision of nature. Trees speak to us of the interconnectedness of Heaven and Earth. Mountains teach the value of strength and endurance. Still waters reflect the inner peace found behind the busy mind. “To see nature fully,” Pitcairn says, “is to see into the truths of life, including the life that is us.”

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Paintings and Poetry by
Susan Hubble Pitcairn

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