Slip Sliding Away by Al Brown

Al Brown
Al Brown
For as long as I can remember I had an interest in cameras and photography. As a young boy I had the use of my father’s roll film camera, sometimes connecting it to a small microscope or a telescope my parents gave me as presents. All of which also further nurtured my scientific interests.



Slip Sliding Away

The Racetrack – Death Valley NP

The 2×3 mile “Race Track” in Death Valley N.P. is home to the amazing phenomenon of the sliding rocks. Their movement is the result of a combination of conditions beginning with the presence of water that freezes and thaws into fractured sheets of ice. A light wind piles the ice sheets against the rocks, many as much as 35 lbs, and pushes them along on the now slick hard sand floor. The movement leaves a trail as evidence of the movement. All of these conditions may occur only once every 1-2 decades.


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