Sedona Night Sky Vase Oval with Seam by Neil Kennedy

Neil Kennedy
Neil Kennedy
Neil’s current clay pieces meld thrown forms, slabs, altering, incising and sculpting. Glazes on the functional pieces, fired in an electric kiln, have been developed to give the surface the depth and beauty traditionally associated with reduction firing. Neil's pieces meld a spiritual simplicity with a figurative rhythm and physical energy. This comes from being a kinetic individual, from a lifetime of playing sports, and his appreciation of Japanese ceramics and classical sculpture. Neil has been a ceramicist for 20 years, teaching children and adults wheel-throwing and hand-building through written material, technique demonstrations, and individual instruction. See his work at




Oval Vase with Seam by Neil Kennedy

“Sedona Night Sky” style glaze.

* All items are unique and sizes and colors/glaze will vary.