Painting Tlaquepaque!

Gretchen Lopez
Gretchen Tumacacori
Painting Tumacacori
Gretchen Lopez
Gretchen Lopez


Painting the Sedona Light at Tlaquepaque – Plein Air Workshop

Join us as we explore the light and magic at Sedona’s very own arts and crafts village at Tlaquepaque, plus other sights in Sedona. By concentrating on loose oil sketches this plein air course will teach the student how light effects the shapes and various textures we see. Discover a more impressionistic way of capturing Sedona’s most interesting architectural sights, while taking in the breathtaking atmosphere and culture of the area.


Gretchen Lopez

Gretchen Lopez

Gretchen Lopez majored in advertising and design, when she attended Ventura College, then went on to study fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Design and Mechandising in Los Angeles. She completed her studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

As a tenth generation native of California, Gretchen has a rich family heritage. She is a descendant of the first Spanish settlers of what was to become the Mexican Rancheros, her colorful family background includes Chumash and Apache Bloodlines. Gretchen’s works are greatly inspired by her ethnic heritage. Being experienced in many mediums and techniques allows her to express a feeling of freedom, vibrancy and spontaneity through color and design to depict the varied faces, fabrics and gentle beauty of Native and Hispanic women in her paintings.

She combines traditional as well as comtemporary elements in her works, from the figurative to still lifes. Gretchen resides in Northern Arizona, where she pursues her love of paitning. A teacher of painting, life drawing and portraiture at the Sedona Arts Center in Sedona, Arizona, Gretchen was nominated for the Viola Award for Excellence in Art Education. Her works are included in numerous private collections both nationally and internationally, and can be seen in select galleries throughout the Southwest.

Painting the Sedona Light at Tlaquepaque – Plein Air Workshop
With Gretchen Lopez

Suggested supplies
Hi and greetings all, I am so excited about this workshop, and want to get this supply list off to you. The key is to try to keep everything consolidated!
Remember, this is a list of suggested supplies, and you may have some of the supplies already!

Centurion Canvas Panels– much more portable and light weight. Please bring 6, no smaller than 8×10 and no larger than 12×16. There are two kinds, the ones for traditional oils are oil primed. The other is primed with gesso which is good for acrylics and water mixable oils. You can order these through

Panel paks– to carry wet panels, go to These are great and light weight! You can carry two wet panels face to face!!

Tube paints- Traditional oils, water mixable oils, and acrylic– 2 tubes of Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, 2 tubes of titanium white, Indian yellow, Cadmium yellow light, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium red light, Quinacridone magenta, burnt sienna and two tubes of burnt umber. Please keep these tubes small, 37 ml.

Painting Mediums– if you are painting in traditional oils I recommend Solvent Free Gel and Galkyd Slow Dry from Gamblin and Gamblin’s Gamsol instead of regular turpentine. If you prefer to work with water mixable oils, Artisan brand from Windsor and Newton make an excellent “Painting Medium”. Duo Aqua makes a wonderful fast drying paste for water mixable oils. This paste not only adds a slight gloss to your painting, but, it speeds up the drying time and preserves brush strokes. Purchase these from Jerry’s Artarama.

Brushes – Synthetic hog bristle #2, 4, 8, and 10 flats. A 2” background brush. #2 6 and 8 filberts.
Containers- small metal container for Gamsol or odorless turp. Plastic container for your water for water mixable paints.

Metal Palette knives– one for mixing paint, and one for applying and painting with! For painting, I prefer a diamond shaped blade either 1” or 1”-1/2.
Extras- paper towels or rags, trash bag, handi wipes to clean your brushes

Paint Box Set ups for Plein air painting-
I have been using the “Sienna Paint Box” which is 11 x 13, and have been quite happy with it. Shop around, and see what works for you. The “Sienna” takes a good beating though, has a built-in palette and side table for brushes. The downer, it will not house your tubes of paint. That’s okay for me though, there’s room on the palette for the paint, and I transferred left over paint to a container. It’s available from the following: Jerry’s Artarama and Madison Art supplies. Be sure to purchase the appropriate tripod for the paint box you choose.

Judson’s Outfitters has quite a selection of “Gueriila” plein air kits, I have the little cigar box which holds two 8×10 canvas panels and the “French Resistance Easel” which can accommodate different sizes of panels on up to 12×16.

There’s the “Strada” plein air set up, which is entirely metal, it is a bit weighty with a price tag to match, but some of my students were using them in Spain, and like them!

Backpack or trolley for your supplies
Some areas may require us to use a shade umbrella- I use Bes Brella and purchased mine online through Amazon. Judsons has some reasonable ones too! Camp stool if you would like one, especially if you choose to sit while painting, I recommend the Roll a Chair from Camp Time! It’s a comfortable and light weight camp chair, and the seat height is perfect.

Please also bring appropriate shoes, hat, water bottle, and drawing materials!