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May 20-22, 2019

Learn 3 keys in 3 days to unlocking expression and start painting without fear!

Day 1: Discover the beauty in your brushes by choosing your tools and controlling them masterfully, bringing new energy to your paintings through creative brush handling.

Day 2: See color and paint color by unraveling the world of color and light, properties of pigments and pigment choices, while using both a limited and expanded palette. Foolproof color mixing and the nuances of grays will also be covered.

Day 3: Master edges as the final touch by understanding the painting surface and paint application necessary for a higher skill level of edge control. Identify the how, when and where of edges, using them artfully to bring that final sense of freedom and nuance to your paintings.

TUITION: $475.00

Lyn Boyer

Lyn Boyer

Carrying on the great traditions of representational oil painting and passing that torch to her students are Lyn’s two great passions in life. She is an award winning plein air and studio oil painter with works that hang in private collections across the United States. After returning from studying art in Melbourne, Australia, Lyn began a 25 year career as an American illustrator and painter, garnering awards from the Oil Painters of America, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Southwest Art, the Society of Illustrators, the Art Directors Club, the Illustrators Workshops, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Lyn’s early inspiration came from the great Illustrators of the Golden Age of Illustration and their contemporaries, the American and European painters of the late 1800’s and early 20th century. She was captivated by not only the power of the images but their story-telling ability. Lyn takes the focus, energy and ability to respond in the moment required of plein air painting and uses it to inform and bring life to her studio work. Lyn’s devotion to painting ‘en plein air’ takes her on the road for more than half the year before returning to her studio in Durango, Colorado for the winter months. Her commitment to teaching began with nearly a decade as an illustration instructor and now continues through her workshops.

Artist Statement

I paint because it’s necessary. It’s part of my DNA. My North star. The few times I’ve tried to escape it, it’s always chased me down. I feel whole when I paint, directionless when I don’t. I remember every minute of a day spent painting. It tunes the senses and the soul.

My inspiration comes always from patterns. They are the first things to draw me to a subject. Divisions of space. Light and dark. The subtle and not so subtle. Whether I’m responding to something from the natural world, the world of man or an interesting intersection of the two I’m compelled by a need to capture the moment. I have an overwhelming need to first understand what’s captivated me, second, interact with it using brushes and paint, and finally share the results – my view of the world.

My paintings are always about what compelled me to paint something in the first place. For me a successful painting is the one that is able to elicit that same feeling in concert with a more personal feeling known only to the viewer. I consider that the completion of a painting.

‘No Fear Oil Painting’ supply list

Use the above link to the PDF to view, save or print the supply list. Thank You.

A NOTE ON PIGMENTS: We’re going to be squeezing out plenty of paint during this workshop and feeling like you need to take out a second mortgage for paint can be a tad scary. Feel free to replace Cad Yellow and Cad Red Light for Azo Yellow and Napthol Red. They are about a third the price of the cadmiums. The main difference is they don’t stay workable as long as the cadmiums and Napthol is more of a middle red. I prefer a red that leans a little more orange. That being said they’re perfectly fine pigments and will work for all of the exercises if you want to save a bit of change. Also, I’d highly recommend you use the 150ml tubes of paint so when I walk up, quote Quang Ho and say, “Painting is about Paint!”, grab one of your weenie tubes of paint and squeeze the whole thing onto your palette you won’t faint dead away. However, the most important thing is you come to class ready to learn, enjoy and expand your horizons! If you can only afford one brush and two tubes of paint come anyway!! Think what the cave artists accomplished with some red mud, mastodon fat and their fingers! 🙂
• Titanium White – 5oz. M. GRAHAM or GAMBLIN
• Cad Lemon – GAMBLIN
• Cadmium Yellow – M. GRAHAM (less costly option: Azo Yellow)
• Cadmium Orange – M. GRAHAM (optional)
• Cadmium Red Light – M. GRAHAM (less costly option: Napthol Red)
• Alizarin Permanent – GAMBLIN
• Ultramarine Blue – M. GRAHAM
• Cobalt Blue – M. GRAHAM (optional)
• Cobalt Teal – M. GRAHAM (or GAMBLIN Manganese Blue Hue which is less pricey)
• Transparent Red Oxide – M. GRAHAM

"I had the opportunity to take a half day private instructional lesson followed by a three day hands on plein air group workshop from Lyn last fall. I was truly pleased with the painting knowledge and skill Lyn demonstrated and generously shared with me individually and with the group. Her class format was educationally sound, guided exercises well planned and definite personal attention provided. My time was well spent. “ -D. Laing

“Lyn is an exceptional art instructor. She was quick to identify the help I needed to enhance the skills needed to meet my painting goals. She inspired me in ways I never thought possible and my paintings are beyond what I thought I was capable of. “ - M. Brown

“I took a multi-day Plein Air workshop with Lyn Boyer in October 2018 in Moab, Utah. Lyn is highly organized and well spoken in her presentation of information to us as students. She shared a vast array and quantity of high quality knowledge with us. She was able to communicate the routine she uses for painting and then we practiced immediately afterwards. We had a huge amount of practice time with her circulating to each one of us students in a fair and equitable manner. We worked on practical matters of creating a plein air painting as well as more esoteric matters such as why we paint and what we are trying to say in our painting. It was extremely beneficial for me as it helped me organize my approach to my painting. I felt confident I had the tools to create during the beginning, middle and end of my plein air session. Lyn also shared some tips with the class which were interspersed during class painting time. We went outside and did plein air painting every day and learned how to deal with good and bad weather conditions. She is also very personable and has an infectious positive attitude she shares with all of us who interacted with her. I recommend any painting class or workshop with Lyn!” - C. Keshet

“Lyn Boyer’s oil painting workshop was outstanding. I learned more in her 3 day class than in the many other workshops that I have taken. She made clear how to make decisions, especially those about format and design. She taught a sequence of logical steps for “no fear” oil painting. She asked students to identify their main challenge that she then specifically addressed as she helped each student individually. All students received equal individual attention because she used a timer as she went from easel to easel. I highly recommend this workshop for both accomplished and aspiring artists. I have also taken private oil painting lessons from Lyn Boyer and each session has been outstanding. Each session began with self-identification of challenges, which she then addressed thoroughly. Instruction was practical, logical and clear. I learned how to make better decisions about format, design, shapes, values, light, mood, color, track of vision, visual weight, paint application and even equipment. Her critiques of my paintings were honest, not dismissive nor falsely positive. I highly recommend both her private lessons and critique sessions for accomplished and aspiring artists.” - V. Coe, Colorado