Madre Tierra PRINT by Charissa Cota QH

Charissa Cota
Charissa Cota
Through the interplay of bold color and surreal elements, my artistic practice revolves around the depiction of female subjects in figurative paintings. I merge expressive and vibrant portraiture with elements of the natural world, creating dreamlike imagery that encompasses personal narratives, as well as celebrating female stories of vulnerability and perseverance. Seeking to unravel the intricate layers of human existence, particularly within women, my work attempts to capture our multifaceted nature—our resilience, elegance, raw edges, growth, fragilities, and struggles. Working primarily in oil and acrylic paints, I explore ancestral narratives, family folklore, and the visual representation of personal healing journeys. My work is entering a period of focus on matriarchy in families, and the ways in which women are the glue that holds our lives together. My newer paintings also explore the transformative potential of healing and growth, transcending generational traumas, weaving together shared stories, and embracing the inherited traits of our ancestral lineage.
17" 13"