Loosen Up with Aquamedia Painting

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Burridge’s popular “Loosen Up!” workshops nurture individual success and personal enrichment with a big emphasis on daily painting projects at your own pace. It is stress-free, but be warned; you could end up with too much enthusiasm for painting. This Burridge flagship workshop offers a variety of painting subjects for everyone. Designed for the professional painter who is stuck in a style as well as for the novice who wants to conquer their fear of painting.

Starting each day with multiple, small “warm-up painting exercises” and up to larger-format paintings, Burridge’s positive approach towards the act of painting will inspire you to loosen up, have fun again and paint more! Expect an intense, concentrated and lively workshop where you will create many works of art using spontaneity for maximum effect. This workshop has become a must for artists who want the confidence and permission to paint the way they have always wanted to paint.

Students will take home preprinted notes of useful and need-to-know information.
Burridge’s newest color combination technique is also demonstrated. A positive attitude is a must!

In-Person Classes

COVID Health and Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our Patrons, Students, Volunteers, and Staff are a top priority. Since COVID-19 first surfaced, our staff continues to monitor the situation closely, taking every precaution to keep our Patrons, Students, Volunteers, Staff, and our community safe.

  • We require that face masks, covering mouth and nose, be worn in our buildings until further notice. (Note: face shields are not adequate)
  • Enrollment in classes and workshops is limited to ensure social distancing is possible.
  • Staff perform a rigorous sanitation protocol throughout the day.
  • Thermometers are available in the Gallery and Studios for self-checking of temperature upon entrance.
  • Sanitation stations are available at each entrance to the Center. Paper masks are available for no charge.

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Robert Burridge

Robert Burridge

In 1985 Robert Burridge turned his passion into his second career. He retired from industrial design and became a full time, contemporary fine art painter, moved to California’s Central Coast and prepared to paint the rest of his life. Today, besides painting, he is an invited juror for international art shows, a college and national painting workshop instructor, and teachs a fine art mentor program in central France. Recently selected as the Honorary President of the International Society of Acrylic Painters, he holds a signature membership with them and with the Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

His original paintings can be seen in six international galleries, on Starbucks Coffee mugs, Pearl Vodka bottles, eight tapestries and on fine art edition prints in upscale retail stores and cruise ships.

His work has received lifetime honors, including The Franklin Mint Award and recently the Philadelphia Watercolor Society’s prestigious Crest Medal Award for achievement in the arts previously awarded to Pablo Picasso, John Singer Sargent and Georgia O’Keeffe.

It is said, “Your heart doesn’t know how old you are.” For me, it’s true. Painting everyday in my small studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I feel like a kid again playing with color, design, paint and canvas, which reminds me of the saying, “It’s never too late to be what you always should have been.” Follow your bliss!

Suggested Materials List

This is only a suggested materials list. Do not feel obligated to purchase everything on this list. Purchase what you think you will need and use.

1) Paints: Any professional-grade acrylic paint (no cheap, student grade paints). Your choice of colors.

Burridge will be painting with Holbein Artist Acrylic paint – colors to match his Goof-Proof Color Wheel, plus black and white.

  • Pyrrole Red Light •Marigold
  • Hansa Yellow •Colbalt Blue
  • Cad Green Deep •Compose Blue #1
  • Ultramarine Deep •Lamp Black
  • Primary Magenta •Titanium White
  • Luminous Opera


Holbein paints available at Vermont Art Supply. (800) 790-2552 or www.VermontArtSupply.com  Ask for John Bates. (He knows Bob’s 9 favorite colors, plus the Hot Pink Opera – also black and Titanium White.)

Note: “Color Comparison Chart” for other professional paint brands available on his website – www.RobertBurridge.com

2) Brushes: Acrylic/Blend combos, 1” Flat. Several 2” brushes. NO FOAM BRUSHES OR TINY BRUSHES. Also bring a 2” soft brush for varnishing with acrylic varnish.

3) For cleaning brushes: Murphys Oil Soap, “Original Formula.” (grocery & hardware stores) You will use this daily, after the workshop.

4) Surfaces: Large Watercolor Paper Sketch Pads, 18×24 inch or 15×20 inch. You can also use full sheets of watercolor paper, 140 lb or 300 lb. CP. Per day you may need up to 2 full sheets (22×30 inches). Bob will use Kilimanjaro Watercolor Paper, 22×30 inches, 300 lb CP.

Optional:  Also, small pre-gessoed canvases – as many per day as you want. (should fit on your painting table) No large canvases.

5) One pint of thick white professional acrylic gesso. Used as both gesso and white paint. Bob uses Utrecht’s Professional Gesso —it’s thicker than most. Available from DickBlick.com

6) Glue for Collage Work: Polymer Gel Medium – gloss. Bob uses Nova Color Gel Medium #207. Also bring a 2” cheap brush for spreading the gel medium.

7) Final Coat: Brush-on water-based POLYMER VARNISH with UVLS for “sealing” all paintings… gloss, semi gloss or matte. Bob uses Minwax Polycrylic Water-Based from hardware store. (You will use this after the workshop.)

8) Small water container – such as a low, half gallon plastic bucket or a low 10×10 inch Tupperware-type container. (They don’t fall over)

9) Table covering – Clear 4ml plastic sheet, (Hardware Store) precut to 4 ft x 8 ft. Tape down with strong tape. (such as packing tape – no blue or green painters’ tape – not strong enough)

10) Roll of VIVA towels or similar.

12) Isopropyl (Rubbing) alcohol 70%-90%. (drug store)

13) Artist’s Sketchbook, smooth or Hot Press, spiral bound for easier note taking and smooth sketching.

14) Hand Barrier cream or Nitrile gloves.

Bob may also demo with some of these materials:

  • Derwent Water Soluble Drawing Pencil, very dark
  • Derwent Inktense Color Pencils or Inktense Blocks
  • Holbein Acrylic Inks

Cancellation Policy

Registration Information:

Each student must register individually.  Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $125 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the first day of the workshop. There are no refunds after the 30-day final payments have been made.  Students may enroll online or by calling the Sedona Arts Center’s Administrative Offices in the Art Barn toll-free at 888-954-4442 or locally at 928-282-3809.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are accepted or student may pay with cash or check by registering in person during office hours at the Art Barn (M-F, 9-5).

Cancellation Policy:               

The $125 deposit is non-refundable; the balance is due one month before the first day of the workshop. No refunds after the one-month cut-off date. If paying in full upon registration, $125 of the total tuition fee is non-refundable.  The Sedona Arts Center is not responsible for providing make-up sessions or issuing refunds, credits, or transfers for courses missed as a result of illness, emergencies, or other events beyond our control.  There are absolutely no refunds after the 30 day cut-off date for any reason, unless the Sedona Arts Center has to cancel the workshop, then all fees paid will be refunded in full.