Living in the Shadow of the Border by Lucinda “La Morena” Hinojos QH

Lucinda Hinojos
Lucinda Hinojos
Lucinda, affectionately known as "La Morena," is an internationally renowned muralist and painter, whose roots trace back to Glendale, AZ, where she was born and raised. A proud Xicana of Apache, Pima, and Yaqui descent, Lucinda's journey into the art world began in 2012 when she started curating underground art shows in Phoenix, AZ. This early experience paved the way for her to curate solo exhibits for local artists, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the local art scene.




Living in the shadows of the border” Original photo taken by Photo Journalist Nick Oza (AZ Republic) along the border wall. Painting captures a family meeting up at the wall.  One side being the US side the other Mexico.

History of the painting: Hung inside the AZ State Capital Democratic side. 2020-2021

“We Are Still Here”

Exhibition celebrates the diversity of our voices via the visual arts which includes many Arizona artists who have actively participated in creating a better and more just World.

The passing of SB1070 in 2010 was devastating and traumatic for many people in Arizona…The undocumented residents, as well as the legal citizens, interpreted this bill as not only an assault on their legal rights but also as an affront to our humanity.

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