Intention Necklace by Lisa M Barnes

Lisa M. Barnes (L.Marjori)
Lisa M. Barnes (L.Marjori)
I became interested in jewelry design during my visits to Sedona, Arizona, which is known for spiritual experiences and healing energy vortexes. I would visit the numerous crystal shops and purchase gemstones to help me with my physical ailments or emotional support on my spiritual journey. Over twenty years of studying the metaphysical properties of gemstones has helped me to heal bones, hearts, and spirits.




Intention Necklace by Lisa M. Barnes (L. Marjori).

Set your intention and wear this necklace as a daily reminder of your aspiration. Each silver bar is handmade with an inspirational word. The words and pattern are colorfully patined and create a one-of-a-kind design. Silver filigree beads set the stage for four gemstones specifically chosen to complement your theme.

Options include: Clarity, Kindness, Gratitude, Dream, Courage, Love, Laugh, Faith, Forgive, Harmony, Hope, Peace, Trust. A silver magnetic bead closure makes it easy to wear.

*Each Sold Seperately