Inhale Exhale Om by Mary Heyborne

Mary Heyborne
Mary Heyborne
Mary Heyborne, award-winning potter, poet and playwright, says: “Wherever I live I tune in to my surroundings and seek the influence of its uniqueness in my art. This has been particularly rewarding in the splendor of Sedona.”
14" x 11" x 11"





“Inhale . . . Exhale . . . Om”

When Mary Heyborne and her husband contemplated retirement after many career moves, they looked for a place where they would be happy to spend the rest of their lives—preferring a small town, but one large enough to provide cultural and artistic stimulation. Some well-traveled neighbors in California said, “Mary should live in Sedona, Arizona.”

On their first visit here, Mary was studying T. S. Eliot’s poem, “The Waste Land,” and a line from it called to her the moment she stepped from the car:
“(Come in under the shadow of this red rock)”
And they did. In 1984, the Heybornes moved to Sedona.

Mary was eager to become involved in her new community, and when she asked how best to accomplish this was told, “Go to Sedona Arts Center. They’re the heart of the community.” “And they were—artistically and socially,” says Mary, and she immediately began volunteering and selling her pottery there. She also began early morning walks that inspired her creativity in every way.

On early morning walks, mid red rock sentinels—
stirred by their mass, stored light and heat,
and centuries of secrets—
I hear them breathe.
Secrets and energy poured by the sun
into these red rocks—
stored and guarded—
are trickling into me.

Inhale . . . exhale . . .