Hand-Stamped Jewelry Crash Course



In this beginner class you will learn the approach to creating hand-stamped jewelry using copper, brass, or nickel discs and niobium ear wires! Make a stunning pair of texture earrings or a hand-stamped pendant with a word that speaks to you.

Starting out, you will learn different hammering techniques to texture the metal while deciding the design, shape, and texture of your piece. Think of a word you want to stamp on your necklace and what texture you would like, too. Your instructor will walk around and guide you as you create a hand-stamped item that is custom for you. We will finish off by adorning the piece with a wire-wrapped bead and with a chain or ear wires.

Naomi Martnick

Naomi Martnick

Naomi Martnick, the artist behind Dancing Moon, discovered at a very young age that she was deeply connected to creating art. Graduating with an Associates Degree in Interior Design, she went on to manage a local jewelry shop while still taking many art classes & continuing her passion for creating.

In 2010 Naomi met her husband, Brett, and his pug, Frank and fell in love! They decided to move from Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon – to learn, grow, and dream together.

Once in Portland, Naomi combined her passion for metaphysical gemstones and creating into a business – Dancing Moon!

Naomi is also a certified yoga instructor, Ayurveda consultant, and enjoys teaching jewelry and craft making classes.

They now live in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and enjoy exploring and connecting with the community!