Four Apostles Bronze Cross

Deanne McKeown
Deanne McKeown
"None of us perceive the world in exactly the same way. Our oneness lies in a yearning to touch and to understand. My work is an endeavor to share my thoughts and vision through form and color and relationships, hoping to charge my images with meaning which will reach across the spaces between us."
Byron McKeown
Byron McKeown
Over the years I’ve learned to appreciate excellence although I rarely achieve it. The closest I come is in the ephemeral areas of concept and integrity. But, since I believe that my next effort will be my best, I will continue to pursue excellence.
2 x 1.5 inches




The Four Apostles Cross  designed and produced by Byron and Deanne McKeown measures approx 2 x 1.5 inches.  $40.00 each includes shipping in the contiguous United States.

The Cross Series is a unique project inspired by Byron and Deanne’s love of travel and research. The history of each cross has been carefully researched and the actual piece created by hand; then cast in Silver, Gold or Bronze. They are designed to be worn as pendants, earrings and pins, or can be combined as bracelet or necklace collections. The McKeown’s have lived in Sedona for more than thirty years and have owned three galleries featuring their work in various media.

“The cross collection is ever growing and expanding as we continue to travel and explore the many facets of this fascinating cultural icon. As an art form, the cross invites myriad possibilities: as a symbol, it evokes the contemplation of universal thought and ethnic diversity. The search goes on…”

The Four Apostles Cross

This is a contemporary Scottish cross based on the lives of the Four Apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The four arms weave around a Celtic knot work center which represents Christ, their leader.