Flower Basket by Jason Bohnert 65 Years

Jason Bohnert
Jason Bohnert
Jason Bohnert is a studio potter based in Flagstaff, AZ. His work is grounded in the rhythm of work cycles, natural materials, renewable resources, and community engagement. Jason completed his MFA at West Virginia University, including study and apprenticeship opportunities in China, studio assistantship at Penland School of Crafts, followed by a residency at the Energy Xchange. After ten years teaching ceramics, drawing, and design at NAU, Jason is re-engaging his full-time studio practice. Recently installed solar panels offset most of the electricity for living and studio practice. When not designing, building, and making, Jason can be found on his mountain bike enjoying nature.
Anagama wood-fired stoneware clay
15" x 6" x 4"




Handbuilt form cut, hewn, textured with added handles and adornments. Wood-fired in Anagama kiln for 9 days to develop natural ash glazes and flame work to enhance color range.

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