Fire Element Earrings by Lisa M Barnes

Lisa M. Barnes (L.Marjori)
Lisa M. Barnes (L.Marjori)
I became interested in jewelry design during my visits to Sedona, Arizona, which is known for spiritual experiences and healing energy vortexes. I would visit the numerous crystal shops and purchase gemstones to help me with my physical ailments or emotional support on my spiritual journey. Over twenty years of studying the metaphysical properties of gemstones has helped me to heal bones, hearts, and spirits.




Fire Element Earrings by Lisa M. Barnes (L. Marjori), Elements Collection.

Elements Collection: There are many healing traditions and religions which incorporate the four elements in their practices: in astrology, the four elements have specific properties based on the horoscope; the four suits in the Tarot represent the four elements; the medicine wheel is used by Native Americans to recognize the four elements. Each piece in the Elements Collection is made from sterling silver with healing semi-previous gemstones. Spiral symbolism rounds out each design, representing life energy, fertility, and the female womb, connecting us to the source of life and reminding us of our evolving journey.

Fire: Bring a little Fire into your life! If you desire more energy, passion, motivation, or inspiration, then this Element is for you! Seam Agate is paired with four harmonizing gemstones of Carnelian (stimulates creativity and restores motivation), Garnet (brings courage and passion), Citrine (warming, energizing, and highly creative) and Sunstone (increasing confidence and heightens intuition). Chakra: Solar Plexus. Direction: South. Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.