Essence of Sedona

Private: Marne Jensen
Private: Marne Jensen
Marne works with a variety of painting media including acrylic, collage and colored pencil. Primarily an experimental painter, she likes to investigate the formal and conceptual possibilities of painting that reflect both abstract and impressionistic compositions. She seeks out and enjoys new and different ways of artistic expression while also embracing the principles and elements of design as she creates interesting combinations of shape, color, and texture.
30 x 30 x 1.5




30 x 30 x 1.5, unframed
Acrylic on wrapped canvas

This scene was inspired by the red rocks that lie directly to the east of the Sedona Arts Center. My objective was to accentuate and exaggerate hard-edged shapes, angles, and planes as a method of conveying the power projected by these unique formations. The strong reds and oranges dominate while cooler hues of various greens are used for the softer areas of grass that lie in the meadow below. The strong vertical lines of the rocks are complemented by the softer flowing horizontal shapes of the meadow. The cloudless teal sky is hallmark of Arizona and provides a non-distracting backdrop to the craggy ridges. The colors in this painting are highly saturated and, along with the jagged edges, are meant to signify the strength and beauty of this unique natural wonder.


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