Elements of Perceptual Painting

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IMPORTANT NOTE! The original dates of March 6 – 9, 2023 have been changed to October 10 – 13, 2023!

Elements of Perceptual Painting with Christine Lafuente

October 10 – 13, 2023 | Tuesday – Friday

Tuesday 10 am – 5 pm | Wed – Fri 9 am – 4 pm
  • Medium: Oil
  • Experience Level: All Levels of experience are welcome in this workshop!
  • Registration: Click the Cancellation Policy tab above for more information
  • Location: Sedona Arts Center, Theatre Studio
Discover the excitement of perceptual painting! This oil painting workshop relates perceptual painting to an understanding of light source for back-lit, side-lit, and front-lit compositions. We will explore the following elements: “drawing for painting”, tone, temperature, palette organization, and how to key a palette in response to direction of light source. We will work from still life in a spacious environment where students will each have a personal painting space where they will be able to individually compose set-ups or work from shared set-ups. There will also be the option to paint en plein air on the Arts Center’s campus incorporating elements of the Sedona landscape. Mornings will focus on lecture and demonstration of specific techniques; afternoons will include individual instruction.
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Christine Lafuente

Christine Lafuente

Moving between favorite places keeps what could be an insular process open and ever-changing. The memory, rhythms, and architecture of one place change how Lafuente sees the next, as these cumulative experiences keep her growing as she returns to the familiar. Whether depicting misty coves of the Maine coast, rooftops in Brooklyn, or seasonal flowers in the studio, Lafuente creates form and space through drawing, passages of color, and precise yet expressive edges. Her paintings revel in a joyful and luscious brushwork while creating a beautiful tension between moments of restraint and excitement.

Christine Lafuente is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and received her certificate in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  After spending years in Philadelphia where she was artist-in-residence at the Fleisher Art Memorial, Lafuente moved to Brooklyn and completed her MFA at Brooklyn College in 2004.  She has exhibited her work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and had a solo exhibition in London, England in 2008.  Lafuente has been represented by the Gross McCleaf Gallery since 2002.

Elements of Perceptual Painting with Christine Lafuente

Suggested Materials List:

  • Hat with visor
  • Notebook or small sketchbook to take notes Viewfinder, any kind
  • LARGE Palette: 12×16 or 16×20 Disposable white or grey paper palette pad with a Board to put underneath, and clips to attach the pad to the board
  • Palette Knives: 1 or 2, should be metal, tapered/pointy, with a “dog leg handle” like a spatula, good for mixing Double Palette Cups, 2-inch diameter, can clip on palette Brush-cleaning container preferably with interior porous cup or coil so that sludge can settle
  • Large glass Jar with Lid for used solvent
  • Rags: LOTS! Should be absorbent cotton and/or a Roll of Viva paper Towels or Shop Towels
  • Plastic bags for used rags

Suggested Oil Colors, in order of importance:


At the very least, have one of each primary (a red, a yellow, a blue, and a white)

  • Burnt Sienna
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • White: best is a Titanium/Zinc Blend- if not, Titanium White or Lead/Flake White
  • Yellow Ochre

*AVOID “HUE”s – they are fakes!

  • Cadmium Red Medium or Light*
  • Cadmium Yellow Pale or Light*
  • Cobalt Blue*
  • Cerulean Blue*
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Ivory Black
  • Raw Umber
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium*
  • Raw Sienna
  • Rose (either Rose Madder or Permanent Rose)
  • Greens: Sap Green, Terre Verte, Viridian


A decent range (at least 6) of mid-size to large (#4-#12) Hog Bristle brushes in a variety of shapes. I like flats and filberts. Use good quality, good condition brushes. I like Robert Simmons brand. Synthetics can be good, but make sure they are stiff bristle made for oil.

Basic Mediums (I will discuss others, but we won’t need them)

  • Odorless Mineral Spirits such as “Turpenoid” or “Gamsol” (Note: Sedona Arts Center has Mona Lisa brand if you can’t bring Gamsol or Turpenoid. Bring a small container with a lid.)
  • Cold-Pressed or Refined Linseed Oil (Artist Grade only)


  • At least 4-6 mid-size Surfaces: ex. 9×12, 12×12, 11×14, 12×16, 16×16, 14×18
  • WHITE GROUND. Cotton or Linen Canvas.
  • Must be adequately primed with either acrylic or oil ground.

Questions? Email Christine at christinemargaretlafuente@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy


  • Each student must enroll individually
  • Students may register online or by calling the Sedona Arts Center’s Administrative Offices in the Art Barn, toll-free at 888-954-4442 or locally at 928-282-3809
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are accepted or student may pay with cash or check by registering in person during office hours at the Art Barn

In-Person and Online Workshops

  • Payment in full is due upon registration, or a payment plan can be put in place by the student upon check-out through Sezzle.
  • There is a $125 Cancellation Fee for any cancellations made before September 10, 2023. Remaining balance will be refunded.
  • There are no refunds after September 10, 2023.
  • If Sedona Arts Center cancels the workshop for any reason, all payments made will be refunded in full.

Covid-19 Update for In-Person Classes and Workshops: 

As long as SAC is able to provide an environment that adheres to the CDC guidelines for social gatherings, and assuming all other normal criteria are met and the workshop or class goes forward, the above cancellation policies are in effect.