Dropped Tail by Juliette Buffington 65 Years

Juliette Buffington
Juliette Buffington
Juliette Buffington (American, 2003), an Arizona-based artist, focuses on free-flow ceramics and sculpture with an emphasis on figural and animal pieces. She combines other forms of art into her work such as creating illustrations with underglaze on sculptural forms. This emerging artist creates themes including healing her inner child and connecting with oneself in a safe and guilt-free space. She intuitively and mindfully creates pieces - adding and taking away clay as she sees fit. She enjoys using textiles, acrylic paint, and other metals in her work making stylized and distinguished sculptures that step away from traditional ceramics. All of her works are deeply reflective of her inner self and she leaves a piece of herself with everything she creates.
Ceramic and acrylic paint
3" x 15" x 8"




Blue Bellied fence lizards drop their tails if they find themselves cornered of threatened. This lizard was sculpted hollow on newspaper forms, then the texture was rolled on with a premade stamp. Post firing it was then painted with acrylic paint to achieve the exact desired colors.

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