Drawing Crash Course

Drawing, Vince Fazio
Drawing, Vince Fazio
figure sketch, Vince Fazio
evening-beach-hilton-head, Vince Fazio
ball point pen pine cone, Vince Fazio


Vince Fazio offers you the chance to take an intensive course that provides all the tools you need to learn to draw from life. Whether you are interested in a refresher course or drawing for the first time this course will provide you with the foundations you need in the language of drawing. Learning to see in terms of lines, shapes and value pattern is the essential skill required to translate the three-dimensional world to any two dimensional surface – regardless of the medium you ultimately wish to explore. As well as learning to draw you will learn the most essential thing in the arts; how to see like an artist!

Course meets Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:00 – 8:00 pm, June 4 – 13, 2019

All materials are included.

Vince Fazio

Vince Fazio

Vince Fazio is the Executive Director of the Sedona Arts Center and long time director of the School of the Arts at the center. Vince is a graduate of the University of Kansas, Lawrence where he received his MFA with a concentration in painting. He has studied art in Italy, at the Arts Students League of New York and at various Colleges and Universities. He has taught art in many settings and venues from University to Community College and Arts Centers. Vince currently teaches a Drawing Crash Course and an occasional specialized workshop at the Sedona Arts Center.

All Materials Included!

“Enjoyed the class immensely. It opened a whole new world for me in how I see/perceive the world.”

“Vince Fazio has the ability to condense core practices of drawing into 4 experiential sessions. He is an excellent instructor, patient, encouraging. His feedback helped me see more about light and shadow and proportion. I feel like my brain expanded perceptually. I am encouraged to keep on with learning to draw.”

“I was one of the least experienced students in the class but he never once made me feel hopeless. He always found something to praise in each student's work. We had several famous Sedona artist's in our class but I never knew it until the end of the last day! He had treated us all equally. WOW!”

“Adult art education at its best! In Crash Course for Drawing, Vince Fazio provides results-oriented, professional instruction complete with positive encouragement and constructive feedback.”

“Vince imbues the class with enthusiasm, brings out work that in some cases is better than the student has managed to create in earlier work, works carefully one on one without favoring students, is very articulate, and patient.”

“Greatly appreciated Vince's teaching style. Explained what the objective of the evening was; lectured briefly on the basic points related to the objective; demonstrated the lecture points; then had students draw using the points presented to achieve the objective, providing relevant feedback as we worked.”

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