Desert Near and Far by Jacqueline Chanda

Jacqueline Chanda
Jacqueline Chanda
My paintings explore my personal experiences and observations of nature and people.  I like capturing moments in time, happy, sad moments hidden in the commonplace and transient scenes of every day life.   My aim is to take the observer on a journey through life, to places that are familiar and unfamiliar, near and yet far.  As I travel to different places, I capture interesting scenes of nature and ordinary people in commonplaces. 




“Desert Near and Far” painting by Jacqueline Chanda, oil on linen panel.

Desert Near and Far was painted from a photograph of a Sedona landscape with a well-known red rock formation in the distance called Courthouse.  I was inspired by the view from the prickly pear cactus in the foreground and the distant view of the red rock formations in the background.  It made me feel as if I were a small animal taking in the scene.”