Chicomcoatl by Emily Costello

Emily Costello
Emily Costello
Emily Costello is a self-taught painter, printer and mixed media artist. Her art is inspired by her Mexican heritage, its cultural icons, imagery, and by the events that have shaped her life. Her art is strongly influenced by her grandmother and of the stories she passed onto her; stories that not only give place and meaning to our existence but also on the experiences that we all share; issues of identity, humor, life, love, death, spirituality, dreams and memories. Inspired by Mexican folk artists who make art from the heart and with whatever materials they have at hand, her mixed media and assemblages are created with found objects that are reassembled, reimagined and recreated into a new life and new meaning. Born in Superior, Arizona, she lives in South Phoenix with her husband and two chihuahuas; her son is attending Arizona State University.
Mixed Media
23" x 5" x 5"




Chicomcoatl/Aztec Goddess of Corn and Sustenance