Cardinal with Copper by Leanne Lee

Leanne Lee
Leanne Lee
Leanne was born and raised in the Midwest, in a south suburb of Chicago. She and her husband, then moved to Gunnison, Colorado and raised three boys. They lived here for 40 years. Leanne had a love of different art forms since her mid-twenties and dabbled in everything from painting and routing signs to Scrimshaw, India Ink paintings on wood, copper foil-stained glass and more. She had taken a couple of art classes, but mostly considers herself a self-taught artist. Lifestyle changes, moving from Illinois to Colorado and raising three boys altered her art. Leanne had the opportunity to tour the huge Yule Marble Quarry. The pure white marble she paints on became her new canvas. Her marble comes from the Yule Marble Quarry in Marble, Colorado. Here our nation has acquired this pure marble for some of our well-known National Monuments, such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Lincoln Memorial. Leanne uses unconventional tools such as her grandfather’s shoe making files and Scrimshaw tools for definition. Leanne was a teacher’s aide and loves educating anyone who is interested in her unique art.
Oil on Marble




“Cardinal” circular marble with copper, oil paint on marble by Leanne Lee.