Canyon de Chelly by Gilda Fathi

Gilda Fathi
Gilda Fathi
Gilda is a landscape oil painter based in Pasadena, CA. She began painting and drawing at a very young age and is now a self-taught artist focused on capturing the beauty of the natural environment. Her technique is influenced by the teachings of the American landscape painting masters like Scott Christensen and Matt Smith. Avid trail runner and nature photographer, she finds her inspiration while on mountain trails, beaches and on her road trips around the country. Her body of work explores the play in light, color harmonies by creating captive compositions and visual contrast between natural elements. Her process starts by being fully immersed in the scenery and capturing the emotion it evokes. She strives for others to find comfort in the serenity of nature through her eyes and to hold a piece of it in their hearts.
20" x 24" x 1"



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