Be Still My Beating Heart Pendant by Lisa Barnes

Lisa M. Barnes (L.Marjori)
Lisa M. Barnes (L.Marjori)
Lisa M. Barnes I became interested in jewelry design during my visits to Sedona, Arizona, which is known for spiritual experiences and healing energy vortexes. I would visit the numerous crystal shops and purchase gemstones to help me with my physical ailments or emotional support on my spiritual journey. Over twenty years of studying the metaphysical properties of gemstones has helped me to heal bones, hearts, and spirits.
3.5" L x 2" W




Vanadinite in sterling silver with drops of garnet.

This is the perfect gift for a loved-one or a cardiologist! Vanadinite has the power to align the chakras and bring the higher self into the physical body, facilitating  a depp inner piece. Garnet revitalizes and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as need, and opens up the heart.