Banana Bloom #SPAF2020

Manon Sander
Manon Sander
Manon considers herself a contemporary impressionist, aiming to communicate her joie de vivre through paintings that reflect the color, light, and joy she feels surrounded by and is ever so grateful for. Her focus is to capture the effects of light on a subject and the feeling it evokes, expressing it through interesting patterns, luminous color, and juicy brush strokes.
Oil on Canvas
10 x x8”, 16.5 x14.5” framed




Manon Sander, “Banana Bloom”
10 x x8”, 16.5 x14.5” framed |  oil  | $715.00  |  Shipping included

“When the banana trees in my backyard bloom, they have the most bizarre blossom: It’s this red
upside-down tear drop that has usually one leaf sticking out to the side. On top of the blossom
is where the tiny bunch of bananas crops up. I loved how the light, filtering through my mango
tree, was raking over the velvety appearance of that bloom while the bananas were really more
of an afterthought. In a few weeks after they have grown bigger and ripened, they will be the
star of the show since they are quite delicious and will go into my home-grown fruit salad.” ~ Manon


This work is part of the 16th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival – a festival unlike anything that we have ever done before! A first-of-its-kind, an all-woman festival, presented completely online October 24 – 31, 2020.

Each artist will be sending in work from their own diverse locations for presentation in the Arts Center’s online Gallery. At the conclusion of the festival week, well known plein air artist Lyn Boyer of Colorado will conduct an online awards ceremony.

Artists will submit new work as it is completed, accompanied by short narratives describing their selection of place and/or their creative process. Works from the festival will be available for purchase from Oct 25 – Nov 30, 2020.

Online presentations allow for rich content that could not otherwise be experienced. Art lovers will be able to immerse themselves in presentations from their favorite artists throughout the festival. From live demonstrations, to short videos created by our festival artists all across the country, to an online gallery of new works updated daily.

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