Amethyst Falls by Art Hiscox

Art Hiscox
Art Hiscox
Artist Statement: “My artwork combines man-made materials with nature’s own art. My use of color, texture and resin compels viewers to actually touch the surface of my pieces. I frequently use river stone, granite, marble, copper, shell, tree bark, semi-precious stones and fossils in combination with man-made materials to create art pieces that convey nature’s peacefulness. Many of my pieces depict rivers, streams, landscapes and birds.”
Mixed Media
16" x 21" x 3"


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Amethyst Falls by Art Hiscox

Wall Waterfall

Sky and Waterfalls: Fused Glas

Mountains & Sides: Rainforest Marble (India)

Waterfall Rocks & Fossils:

  • Large Chevron Amethyst (Brazil)
  • Amethyst Polished Points (Brazil)
  • Amethyst Crystal Clusters (Uruguay)
  • Ammonites – 200 Million Year Old Fossils (Madagascar)