Adeii Eichii Lightening Giclée by Elaine Belvin

Elaine Belvin
Elaine Belvin
Elaine Belvin’s interest in photography was sparked by the beautiful landscapes she and her husband saw while hiking in the American Southwest. After a long career in Information Technology, photography is now her focus and hiking gives her access to remarkable sites.
Photography - Dry Mount Giclée



Adeii Eichii Lightening

The Adeii Eichii Cliffs are located on Navajo land between Cameron and Tuba City, Arizona. A permit from Navajo Parks and Recreation is required to visit the area. Access is via a rough 4WD route over slick rock with no real road defined in many areas. The rock formation on the right is often called Sky City. We were lucky to experience lightening in the distance as the sun set.