A Symphony of Color by Ellie Wilson

Ellie Wilson
Ellie Wilson
My life as an artist started at a young age and the path to my art career seemed to have happened effortlessly. I was born and raised in the Wasatch Mountains, which instilled in me a passion for nature and beauty. The first time I went Plein Air painting with the mountains surrounding me and a brush in hand I was hooked, and decided to specialize in landscape painting. When I graduated with a BFA, I sold out my solo show and launched into my career as a professional artist. Since then I have been painting tirelessly, working to master a variety of scenes in over 6 states and 18 countries around the world. Recently I have moved back to Northern California from time spent living abroad, and I love the variety that Northern California has to offer.
Oil on Canvas
30" x 30"




A Symphony of Color

As a child I visited the desert frequently with my family. The days consisted of lots of hiking and venturing through nature’s wonders, but at night we would all sit together in the hot tub and watch the sunset on the red cliffs. It was so relaxing after a long day to just be together with mother nature as our entertainment. We sat silently looking at the landscape, like we were all gathering together to watch the performance of a favorite song. The bright oranges, garish greens, and vibrant purples danced across the desert and then deep into the shadows. It was like a symphony for the soul that changed and flowed eventually illuminating the smallest spec on the cliffs before surrendering to the night. Now I carry on the tradition with my own family. When the sun begins to set on the sandstone cliffs, we gather together and watch. (although these days there is less relaxing and more throwing down paint trying to capture the scene with all the speed I can muster). 

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