A Sense of Place

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Williams-Potter Liquid Amber
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Williams-Potter Corridor of Time
Williams-Potter Bull and the Wild Hare
Williams-Potter Sante Fe Moods


A Sense of Place
with Diane Williams and Chuck Potter

August 18 – 20, 2023 | Friday – Sunday | 10 am – 5 pm

Medium – Acrylic Paint

All Levels of experience are welcome.

Whether a world traveler or a homebody, a sense of place naturally finds its way into our painting. Social isolation has allowed us to consider our internal space more than ever. In this 3-day workshop we will examine the concept of “place” by painting the essence of landscape-both internal and external. You will practice abstract acrylic painting techniques that are connected to the spirit in nature. Abstract painting is often misconstrued as an unrecognizable style of painting where no standard rules of perspective, color theory, or composition exist. We will dispel that myth.

Venture with us into the realm of self-expression by learning to harness nature’s energy and direct it onto the canvas. We will begin by demonstrating techniques that get you in touch with your surroundings. We will be identifying how “place” is sensed and perceived and then translated into abstract painting. Instruction will include demonstrations in basic and advanced acrylic painting techniques including painting with rust to create the patina of age, sumi ink and Stabillo pencils to create expressive mark making, handmade stenciling and collage to create patterns.  The results are alive, authentic and exhilarating. Unveil the mysteries of abstraction by practicing techniques in form/spacial relation, rhythm and motion. Each student will receive individual instruction and group critique.

In-Person Classes

COVID Health and Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our Patrons, Students, Volunteers, and Staff are a top priority. Since COVID-19 first surfaced, our staff continues to monitor the situation closely, taking every precaution to keep our Patrons, Students, Volunteers, Staff, and our community safe.

  • Masks inside our buildings are optional until further notice.

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Diane Williams & Chuck Potter

Diane Williams & Chuck Potter

Diane Williams and Chuck Potter both hold Master of Fine Arts degrees in Studio Art and Consciousness studies from John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, California. Additionally, both have studied at the University of Hangzhou China, incorporating calligraphy, traditional Chinese landscape painting and Chinese medicine with their western art practices.

They have studios in Crockett, Ca., Benicia, CA. (I AN I Studio) and Greenville, CA. (Diamond I AN I Studio). They teach workshops in their Benicia studio, and have run several workshops at their mountain retreat in Greenville. They offer destination workshops in places such as Whidbey Island, WA; Morrow Bay, CA; Gualala, CA, Sante Fe, NM, and Marin MOCA, CA. Additionally, Diane and Chuck have produced video workshop series with Jen Tough of Santa Fe, NM and have an ongoing Zoom series of workshops.

Their works can be found in corporate, public, and personal collections nationally and worldwide.

Resume – Diane Williams, MFA



  • John F Kennedy University Graduate School for Holistic Studies, Master of Fine Arts, Berkeley, CA 2003
  • China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China 2001
  • California State University, San Jose, CA 2000
  • California State University, Sacramento, Masters of Art, Berkeley, CA 1999
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, Bachelors of Art with distinction in the major, Bachelors of Sociology, Santa Barbara, CA 1981


  • Mixed Media Workshop, taught by Paul Christina, Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia, CA 2020
  • Drawing Together with Sara Post, taught by Sara Post, online, 2020
  • Cold Wax Workshop, taught by Jerry McLaughlin & Rebecca Crowell (co-authors Cold Wax Medium, Techniques, Concepts and Conversations), Skopelos, Greece 2019
  • 3- Over- 3,taught by Michael Shemchuk, Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia, CA 2019
  • Cold Wax Workshop, taught by Jerry McLaughlin (MD, co-author Cold Wax Medium, Techniques, Concepts and Conversations), Benicia, CA 2017
  • Global Arts Project, Painting, Collage and Stitching, Taught by Carl Hayward (founder of the Global Arts Project), Akiko Suzuki (award winning fiber artist) and Joan Stennick (painter), Benicia, CA 2015


  • Morro bay Art Association, Morro Bay, CA, 2021
  • Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia, CA 2019, 2020
  • Marin MOCA, San Rafael, CA, 2019, 2020
  • Red Door Studio, Orinda, CA 2020
  • Gualala Arts, Gualala, CA 2019
  • Pacific Northwest Art School, Whidbey Island, Washington, 2018
  • Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA 2016-17
  • I AN I Studio, Benicia, CA 2007-2020
  • Kaiser Hospital, Instructor, Walnut Creek, CA 2006-2007, 2017
  • City of Concord Parks and Recreation, Instructor, Concord, CA 2006-2007
  • John F Kennedy Graduate School for Holistic Studies, Graduate Student Mentor, Berkeley, CA 2004-2006
  • Chabot College Quest Program, Instructor, Hayward, CA 2003-2007
  • National University, Adjunct Professor, Sacramento, CA, 2001-2007
  • Arts Benicia, Stretcher Bar Instructor, Benicia, CA 2002
  • Robert Semple Elementary School, Instructor, Art Day, Benicia, CA 2001-2003
  • California State University, Sacramento, teaching assistant, Sacramento, CA 1997-1999

Resume – Chuck Potter


  • Native of California
  • Born 1958
  • Educated in Hayward, Sacramento, China, and Berkeley
  • Married to Diane Williams
  • Goal: to continue the evolution as an exhibiting artist, educator, and art community advocate


  • Cold Wax Workshop by Jerry Mclaughlin and Rebecca Crowell, Skopelos, Greece, 2019
  • Cold Wax Workshop by Jerry McLaughlin, MD ( Gearbox Gallery, Jen Tough Gallery), Benicia, CA, 2017
  • John F Kennedy University, Master of Fine Arts and Consciousness, 2003
  • China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, 2001
  • California State University, Sacramento, CA, Art Classes, 1997-99
  • University of California, Hayward, CA,  BS Degree in Business Administration with Accounting Option, 1981 ​

Teaching Experience

  • Developing Your Signature Style in Abstract Painting, Instructor, Marin MOCA, Novato, CA, 2020
  • Painting Bold, Instructor, Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia, CA, 2020
  • ​Abstract Painting and the Spirit in Nature, Instructor, Gualala Art Center, Gualala, CA 2019
  • Monumental Painting, Instructor, Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia, CA. 2019
  • Developing Your Signature Style in Abstract Painting, Instructor, Marin MOCA, Novato, CA, 2019
  • Big Painting Workshops, Instructor, I AN I Studio, Benicia, CA, 2018
  • Pacific Northwest Art School, Instructor, Whidbey Island, WA, 2018
  • Arts Benicia Classes, Instructor, Benicia, CA, 2016-17
  • I AN I Studio, Instructor, Benicia, CA, 2007-present
  • City of Concord Parks and Recreation, Instructor, Concord, CA, 2006-2007
  • John F Kennedy Graduate School for Holistic Studies, Graduate Student Mentor, 2004-2006
  • National University, Adjunct Professor, Sacramento, CA, 2003-2007
  • Arts Benicia, Stretcher Bar Instructor, Benicia, CA, 2002
  • Robert Semple Elementary School, Instructor, Art Day, Benicia, CA, 2001-2003​

Awards and Honors

  • Arts Benicia Board Member, Benicia, CA, 2017-present
  • California State Fair, Award of Excellence & 2 Merits,  Sacramento, CA, 2016
  • Castro Valley Sanitary District, 10th Annual Recycled Art Contest, First Prize, Castro Valley, CA, 2007
  • Juror, Solano County Fair, Vallejo, CA, 2004
  • California State Fair, Award of Excellence,  Sacramento, CA, 2003
  • Renee de Rosa Art and Nature Preserve, Docent, Napa, CA, 1997


Materials List:

Acrylic Paint

We suggest you invest in good quality acrylic paints such as Golden, Utrecht, Gamblin or Windsor Newton. A good online source for supplies is www.jerrysartarama.com or www.dickblick.com. Student grade paints have a lighter pigment load and produce a less intense color.

Choose a variety of colors including warm and cool tones as well as opaque and translucent colors.

Quinacridone colors tend to be more translucent while cadmiums are opaque.

Manufacturers generally provide a color guide to help determine the opacity of colors.

Be sure to include the primary colors of red, yellow and blue, plus black and white.

Note that zinc white is more transparent and better for creating veils of color, while titanium whites are opaque for covering or blocking areas that have been previously painted.


Golden or Liquatex polymere mediums in gloss and/or satin (again may purchase online at Jerrys Artaramas or Dick Blick).


Bring a variety of sizes including round, flat and filbert (angled) brushes. In addition, bring several “chip” brushes which can be purchased in any hardware store. These are inexpensive house painting brushes. You will need 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inches. Brushes do not need to be expensive and can be purchased at any art or craft store like Michaels.

Canvas or Multimedia boards

Please bring 2-4 canvas surfaces suggested size approximately 24″x 36″ each.

You may bring stretched canvas or canvas board, the larger the better. If you bring stretched canvas please get the 1.5 inch side (not the thin student grade canvas). Obviously, if you are traveling by plane, or have a small car, canvas board is more convenient. If traveling makes bringing larger sizes difficult for you, put 3 or 4 smaller sizes together to create larger work (bring extra canvases to compensate for smaller sizes).

Although stretched canvases or canvas boards are already primed, please prepare your surface with 3-4 additional coats of gesso for a more professional surface.

Multimedia Boards

If you are traveling, multimedia boards are lightweight and store easily in your suitcase. They may be ordered online or purchased from us in class. http://multimediaartboard.com

P.O. Box 836, Buford, GA 30515           info@multimediaartboard.com                (770) 271-4753

Water containers

Any type of container to hold water such as cottage cheese containers or plastic food storage containers from the dollar store. I like 2-3 water containers at all times when painting. (The Sedona Arts Center has some of these on hand, but it doesn’t hurt to bring extras.)

Bring spray bottles for wetting your surface.


You may use large paper plates, wax paper or commercial palette pads.

Other Supplies

Paper towels.

Palette knives and rubber scrapper

Wiping cloth, sponges, etc.

Cancellation Policy


  • Each student must enroll individually
  • Students may register online or by calling the Sedona Arts Center’s Administrative Offices in the Art Barn, toll-free at 888-954-4442 or locally at 928-282-3809
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are accepted or student may pay with cash or check by registering in person during office hours at the Art Barn

In-Person and Online Workshops

  • Payment in full is due upon registration, or a payment plan can be put in place by the student upon check-out through Sezzle.
  • There is a $125 Cancellation Fee for any cancellations made before July 18, 2023. Remaining balance will be refunded.
  • There are no refunds after July 18, 2023.
  • If Sedona Arts Center cancels the workshop for any reason, all payments made will be refunded in full

Important Message

The Sedona Arts Center is not responsible for providing make-up sessions or issuing refunds, credits, or transfers for courses missed as a result of illness, emergencies, or other events beyond our control. There are absolutely no refunds after the cut-off date for any reason, unless the Sedona Arts Center has to cancel the workshop, then all fees paid will be refunded in full.

Covid-19 Update for In-Person Classes and Workshops: 

As long as SAC is able to provide an environment that adheres to the CDC guidelines for social gatherings, and assuming all other normal criteria are met and the workshop or class goes forward, the above cancellation policies are in effect.

"I wanted to express my thanks to you and Chuck for these past weeks of classes. You are both so wonderful! Your weekly art presentations, assignment guidance and the in-depth critiques are invaluable. You have a way of guiding us through 'seeing' each participant's art and its details. I'm learning so much!"

Just wanted to say ’Thank YOU’ for your inspirational art. I appreciated your saying I should respect my art for what it is...not for what it isn’t. Amazing when the right thing is said to you how easy it is to drop the self-torture… I learned to look at art through your eyes & learned to value those random yellow drops or the unexpected stray lines that lend character.

Thank you for a great class and for creating a comfortable environment to share and discuss our “creations.” I loved all of your videos and your authenticity to present and discuss your works in progress. I appreciate your sensitive structure and allowing significant time for critiques and for your in-depth analysis of our work. Due to your supportive environment I felt comfortable sharing my “beginners work” in an advanced class with beautiful work. What a joy it has been to meet everyone and to hear personal stories. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to be with you as our talented and inspired leader and art conductor.

Wanted to take a minute now and say how much I enjoyed the class! Thanks for sharing so much. I was really happy to learn more about you and your beautiful work. I look forward to exploring more with the materials and ideas you shared. It was an inspiration! I love that Asian paper by the way. Thanks for that suggestion