A Good Day… #SPAF2020

Krystal W. Brown
Krystal W. Brown
Krystal W. Brown is a fine art oil painter who captures the places, people and moments that matter most. She was born and raised in Northern Wyoming by art appreciating parents who collected fine art and always encouraged her artistic pursuits. She began drawing at an early age and had sold her first portrait at age 15. Krystal is an award winning artist that specializes in fine art oil paintings and commissioned portraits. She works in a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and oil. Krystal has a Bachelor's Degree in fine art from the University of Montana with an emphasis in painting and has been producing fine art for over 30 years. She has studied with Rob Liberace, Dan Gerhartz, Clayton Beck, Jeffry Hein, Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick. She is continually seeking to grow and improve.
Oil on aluminum panel
16 x 20 |framed size 24 x 28




Krystal Brown, “A Good Day” (A good day to not get shot.)
16 x 20 |framed size 24 x 28 | oil on aluminum panel |$1725.00 | Shipping included

“A Good Day” was painted in Plein Air for the  Sedona Plein Air Festival 2020, the year of the woman.  It was a gloomy overcast day and I was 30 minutes from home on private property.  I had spied a valley through the trees just north of the road I was traveling on and I longed to see it.  Through an ungated opening and down the dirt road I happened upon a tranquil scene with only a white horse and bird song to greet me.  I knew that  just beyond where I stopped was private property.  Someone’s place in the world and a sanctuary of their making.  

It was so peaceful and inviting that I took a chance and pulled off the road to set up and paint.  Before any paint had touched the panel a truck pulled up with a single occupant and informed me I was on private property.  I sent my business card in with the invited guest and asked for him to ask the land owners if it would be okay for me to paint here.  

I started to paint, was enjoying the quiet while delighting in the experience of painting in such a gorgeous and secluded spot, when I saw a figure making their way towards me.  

I put down my brushes and went to meet her saying, “I hope you aren’t here to run me off” “Well… actually,” she began and I hastily introduced myself before she could finish her sentence. Over the course of our conversation she kindly educated me on Texas law and private property.  I know to look for -No Trespassing- signs but in Texas a purple -Posted- sign means you’ve been warned.  Stay out. You could get shot.

You learn something new every day!  I’m very grateful this gun packing, fifth generation, sweet Texan woman took pity on me and was kind enough to let me continue my painting. We had a fascinating conversation – connected on a few points – and parted with these thoughts:

“It’s a good day to not discharge my firearm.”

“It’s a good day to not get shot.”


This work is part of the 16th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival – a festival unlike anything that we have ever done before! A first-of-its-kind, an all-woman festival, presented completely online October 24 – 31, 2020.

Each artist will be sending in work from their own diverse locations for presentation in the Arts Center’s online Gallery. At the conclusion of the festival week, well known plein air artist Lyn Boyer of Colorado will conduct an online awards ceremony.

Artists will submit new work as it is completed, accompanied by short narratives describing their selection of place and/or their creative process. Works from the festival will be available for purchase from Oct 25 – Nov 30, 2020.

Online presentations allow for rich content that could not otherwise be experienced. Art lovers will be able to immerse themselves in presentations from their favorite artists throughout the festival. From live demonstrations, to short videos created by our festival artists all across the country, to an online gallery of new works updated daily.

See all the events at www.SedonaPleinAirFestival.org