Sedona Arts Center turns 65 this year. This exhibit kicks off our theme for our anniversary year. Numbers can conjure up many things and Sedona Arts Center wants to know What numbers are important to you? For Example: 2–the number of cats you have; 10 -the number of grandchildren you have; 18 –the first time you got to vote; 1994 –the year you got married, etc. This exhibit asks artists to interpret how and what numbers have impacted their lives.

Winners of the 2023 NUMB3RS Exhibition

1st Place: Ed Browne “The Grand Canyon”

2nd Place: Nancy Rupert “2020 Continent Breaking Apart”

3rd Place: Cindy Betzer Pharis “Not my DNA. I didn’t kill Nobody”

Honorable Mentions

Norman Carr “ Pop Art”

Amy Light “101 Shards of Colored Glass”

CJ Henderson “Jacaranda”

Tom Rosenthal “Geometric Numbers”

Rose Moon “50 People and a Tree”

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