2020 Sedona Plein Air Festival #SPAF2020

The 16th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival took place October 24-31, 2020, a first of its kind—all woman event and a Virtual Plein Air Festival! We experienced live demonstrations, short videos created by our festival artists all across the country, and an online gallery of new works updated daily. The Festival work is presented online and for sale through only through November 30, 2020! Scroll down to see all the Festival work and the ability to browse by artist’s name.

Lyn Boyer was this years Judge for the Sedona Plein Air Festival. She determined awards for two groups of work, work done during the festival week and work submitted to an Opening Exhibition where each artist submitted one work  to represent themselves. That work could be a studio or plein air work. Works done during the festival were all plein air work.

Cash awards for work done during the week of the festival

First Place, Michelle Held, “Florida Friends” $1500
Second Place, Jane Ann G. Woodhead, “The First Dusting” $850
Third Place, Paula Swain, “Can’t Touch This”  $650

Cash awards based on their first painting presented at the Opening Event.

First Place, Ellie Wilson, “Slow and Steady” $1000
Second Place, Susiehyer, “Greensong #1” $600
Third Place, Carolyn Lindsey, “First Hint of Color” $400

Honorable Mentions were awarded in each category. Susiehyer’s “Copper Dr. Vista”, Elizabeth St. Hilaire’s “Last Look” and Kari Ganoung Ruiz’s “County Road Corner” all won for work done during the week of the festival. Margaret Larlham’s “Cactus Mardi Gras” and Susan Hediger Matteson’s “Aspen Fall” both won for their first painting presented at the Opening Event.

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