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Tracy Leavitt, a participant in last summer’s Sedona Summer Colony, brings a passion for teaching and creating using wax. She uses both hot and cold wax mediums on paper, board and ceramic substrates. Working primarily in an abstract or semi-abstract style, her paintings and sculptural works investigate a real or imagined intersection between nature and an intangible idea. Using shape, line and texture to visualize an internal narrative, her works embody her examination of the mysterious energy underlying life on the planet. Her philosophy in teaching is about guiding her students to take action, for it is only in action – the layering on or removing of material – that the confusion of all that could be results in a rescue and relief for both the artist and ideally the viewer of the artwork.

Tracy holds a BFA degree from Maine College of Art. For 20 years, she made her way in the world as a traveling storyteller and brings a love of story into her visual work. She is currently the arts coordinator and head teaching artist on the faculty of a small progressive school in Stone Ridge, NY.  www.TALeavitt.com