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As an aging member of Gen X, my work is firmly rooted in over-exposure to media and pop culture with a DIY ethic that predates the internet. It is the work of a trained graphic designer that doesn’t always want to sell someone else’s product. I have been a graphic designer, traveling musician and construction manager. I learned to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese working with immigrant labor. Studying design at Pratt, I became fascinated by type, words and letters. My work explores the many ways manipulation of letterforms can lead to dynamic abstract compositions, divisions and juxtapositions of colors and space as well as concise messages. Sometimes I chronicle. Sometimes I pay tribute. Some of my work express wishes and some asks questions. My Neo-Pop art practice is not revivalism but rather torch carrying and loving archival-ism. It is a love document of 20th Century icons and a peek into the mind of an aspiring bilingualist.