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Susan Hubble Pitcairn fuses inspiring poems with her vibrant landscapes in oils, acrylics and pastels. Her poetic images hold symbolic meaning, revealing both the particular and the universal, A cloud-shrouded mountain may express endurance and strength in the face of adversity. The vast divides of the Grand Canyon may humble us to life’s constant reminders that, in time, all forms dissolve. A mighty tree seems to unite heaven and earth. A deep thinker, Susan perceives that all of art, and indeed, all of life, in their apparent complexities distill to 3 core principles: unity, contrast and harmony.

Raised in Phoenix, Susan began painting the beauty of the Southwest in her teens. She majored in fine art at the University of Arizona, training in oils as well as pastels. Her style could be described as painterly and impressionistic renditions of the beautiful landscape she is inspired by. Susan is especially passionate about the spiritual purpose of art to inspire and uplift. Her volumes of paintings and poems, “The Poetry of Place” and “To Befriend Eternity” are rare expressions of the inner world of the landscape.