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Classically trained at California Arts and Crafts, I have a background in Textile Fine Arts. My love of texture, both tactile as well as physical, really is my focus. Either beginning with actual texture embedded onto my surface or adding it with layers and layers of paint and exotic collage papers, my finished pieces are visually complex.
Rarely begun from photographs, most of my paintings begin by just beginning, nothing in mind. Memories, places I have been, nuances of light and shadow, all are recognized my me at some point and I know what the painting is about. At that point, I can complete it.

By adding collaged elements, my paintings have reached new depths.

Living on the Southern Coast of Oregon, life is involved with movement constantly. Waves, wind, trees all move to Mother Nature’s whims; all make their ways into my paintings.
Besides abstract landscapes, I am drawn to artist created and altered books and assemblages. These can be more playful and image driven.