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When I was eight, I remember spending a week at Cape Cod with my
parents. While they played cards with friends, I was free to roam the beach.
With deep concentration, I took a small pad of paper and spent days
struggling to draw the sea grasses in ways that would capture the feel of
the air and space, the blowing wind, and the motion of the waves. Even
then I knew I wanted to be a landscape painter.
My parents recognized my interest in art and enrolled me in oil painting
classes at the local Y. Every Saturday, all through elementary, junior and
high schools, I took the bus into the city with my paints in tow. In the
summers I would continue painting plein air at the harbors and forests of
I went on to attend Rhode Island School of Design. From intense art school
training I learned discipline and focus, and it reinforced my desire to spend
my life studying art. After moving to New Mexico I found the landscape of
cliffs and sky unusual from the forests and shores of the East. For the next
40 years I hiked the area, and painted watercolors inspired by the
Southwest landscape, beginning a lifelong interest in expressing a
connection I felt with the world around me: the changing weather and light,
the patterns and colors of the landscape. I entered competitions, and
worked with galleries to place my work in collections across the US.
Much of the inspiration and reference for my paintings come from sketching
and photos. After setting up an easel outside and painting the landscape, I
then go back to the studio and create an artwork using color, shape, and
design to emphasize my feelings of the moment. In this way, my landscape
paintings are stagings of mood and memory.
I have a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MA from the
University of New Mexico. I am a Signature Member of the National
Watercolor Society, the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, the
San Diego Watercolor Society, the Rocky Mountain Watermedia Society,
and the New Mexico Watercolor Society,