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Paula Goodbar is a photographer and digital collage artist best known for her dreamlike surrealism where women are usually the main subject matter. Paula’s imagination takes us into the inner workings of dreams and the subconscious mind by beginning with the core photograph and adding layers of texture, colors, scanned images and more photographs to convey a story.

She realized at a young age that she saw the world around her in photographic frames and began her journey as a photographer in her teens. Her unique perspective gave her a way to express herself but she wanted to delve deeper and took photography classes where she became adept at using a darkroom and began experimenting with layering multiple images.

Her passion for capturing images grew outside of the confines of straight photography. She experimented with litho film where she could create a mixed media collage and layer an exposed image on litho film over the collage. She reluctantly was seduced from film and entered into the realms of the digital world. Her camera and darkroom had opened doors for her to express emotions, vision and imagination and now there were endless possibilities to learn and explore.

Currently living a vibrant second half of life in Oregon as an artist and arts advocate in her community she continues to dive in and get beneath the obvious to discover the essence of each idea.  Her ability to shine light into the darkness to explore and express emotion creates a connection to those who take the time to see.