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Patricia I Caldwell is an award winning fiber artist who has been published in numerous magazines here in the United States and overseas. It was while living in England that she first learned quilting and she then went on to start a quilting business in Virginia. Her work quickly received national attention. She thus began designing and quilting for McCall’s Magazine and McCall’s Quick Quilts and also began teaching quilting in the US and Germany. She has also written for Machine Quilting Unlimited and Quilting Arts magazines, and was featured on the cover of Das Patchwork Haus, a German quilting magazine.

Eventually she felt that she needed to expand the expressive range of her creativity. Taking a year off from producing new pieces, she started taking classes and studying new techniques at every opportunity. This led her into a whole new world of fiber arts.

When she got back to work, she added many more fibers to her repertoire of materials, plus dyed wools, gemstones, other dyed fabrics, and many new techniques. More importantly, she says, “I was now better able to express things that reside deep in my soul, including my lifelong love of nature.”

Married to a retired military member she has lived in a lot of places around the world and here in the U.S. As soon as the arrived in the Sedona area she could feel the energy shift. With this shift her art has risen to a new level and is growing in a new direction. Follow her on FaceBook to see what she is currently working on at PatriciaICaldwell.com