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 My oil paintings begin by responding to the landscape.  I begin by painting directly from life, then continue the conversation in the studio.  My hope is that the viewer has a spark of recognition, and experiences their own moment.   

 I’ve appreciated and collected art throughout my adult life.  But my secret desire was to be a painter myself.  I tried to paint several times over the years, but was often discouraged with the results.  I tried to fit art instruction into my life, but I didn’t give it enough time or effort to get the results that I wanted. 

 When I retired, I joined a local art class and focused on learning the process.  I was blessed to find a kindred spirit in one of my classmates and we started painting en plein air (in the open air).  I finally found my connection between the desire, painting process and the moment!  

 I continue to learn about the process through workshops, online classes and reading.  I continue be in the moment when I paint outside. 

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